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Image Technology

Image Technology Pallet Adhesive Water Based

Image Technology Pallet Adhesive Water Based

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Image Technology Pallet Adhesive Water Based

Pallet Adhesive is high quality water-based adhesives. As a screen printer’s adhesive, Pallet Adhesive is used on the pallet to secure garments for printing and also can be used on belt printers. Pallet Adhesive works equally well as a general purpose adhesive on many other substrates including: leather, rubber, paper, plastic, glass, wood, and metal.


• Water-based
• Excellent Tack for Warm up and fleece
• Low Odor
• Pressure sensitive
• Quick Tack / Non-transferable
• No VOC (Volatile OrganicCompounds)
• No solvent propellant
• Non-Hazardous / Non-Flammable
• Works on a variety of substrates
• Superior hold for heavy garments
• Heat resistant / not affected by flash cure station


SPRAY APPLICATION Spray small amount covering the entire Surface or pallet. Spray with a hand spray bottle, electric spray gun or air operated unit.


Drop a quarter size amounts onto pallet and spread with plastic spreader or rigid card stock. Cover entire pallet or area large enough to cover print area.

Environmentally Friendly:

IMAGE TECHNOLOGY Water base Adhesive contains no leaded pigments and, when properly disposed of, has no environmental impact. Scrape pallet or belt carefully

The information in this publication is based on information and experience believed reliable. Since many factors may affect processing for an application, processors must carry out their own tests and experiments to confirm suitability for intended use. You must Make your own determination of suitability for your intended use and environmental acceptability, the safety and health of your employees, and purchasers of your product.

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